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Capital raisings and corporate advice services for Australian businesses

Equity Capital Consultants provides services and professional advice to emerging and growing businesses seeking to develop and expand their business opportunities.

Financial success doesn’t come on its own in business. It requires effort, planning and goals, but it also requires the optimum amount of working and development capital needed to achieve the financial and business goals. We offer the necessary variety of financial services to help you structure your business in the way needed to attract equity investors, and then to introduce those investors to invest in your business to allow your enterprise to grow and achieve your financial goals and success.

Sound advice

When it comes to attracting capital investment finance, you need a team you can trust and rely upon. Our professionals are highly skilled, experienced and results-driven, earning Equity Capital Consultants its admirable reputation and proud history of satisfied clients.

  • "start-up" businesses seeking initial venture capital investment
  • small to medium pre-IPO businesses seeking growth capital investors
  • managed investment schemes and syndications, i.e property trusts, mortgage trusts, etc
  • companies seeking to raise capital for an ASX or foreign stock market listing, e.g AIM, Frankfurt, etc

We always listen and provide comprehensive expert advice so that you're certain you're making the right decisions for your future and that of your business.

Professional team

At Equity Capital Consultants our goal is to establish and maintain long term relationships with our clients. Our team is committed to helping you with all your corporate, investment and financial needs as your business continues to grow and change.

We are reliable and trustworthy, holding your best interests and confidentiality in the highest regard.

Our expert consultants will always make sure you have a complete understanding of the services provided and how they affect you.
With Equity Capital Consultants you can trust that your business capital investment financial needs are in the best hands to help your business grow and secure and achieve a better future for you and your interests.
To talk to one of our consultants at any time for capital raising advice.

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